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Take advantage of your applications by
Mendix Management Services of Appronto, the specialist with years of Mendix development and management experience

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Report your incident in the convenient service portal and our service desk handles the incident according to the Service Level Agreements. You will receive automatic progress messages
We measure the performance of your applications and advise on processing and storage capabilities. And we’ll on improvemts in your application
Prevent accidents by fraud prevention, security, preventive optimization of databases and Mendix version management
We ensure that your application stays tuned to external developments, eg law changes. But also that the application grows with changing needs
We ensure that your application is available, the required performance is achieved and the service desk is accessible
Improve application quality eg user-friendliness, maintainability or documentation

We take it further

With the Application Review, we map the status of your application objectively. This allows you to make an informed decision about the application’s security. We make an in-depth analysis of application architecture, the score of your application according to the ISO25010 standard. The application is tested according to Mendix Best Practice. The results are summarized in a clear, readable report. Also, the results of the ISO25010 test and Mendix Best Practices analysis remain available online for a year, to allow you to follow all of the enhancement recommendations
Platform Management focuses on maintaining the infrastructure on which your Mendix applications work. If you use the Mendix cloud, then it is part of the platform support that comes with your Mendix environment. If your Mendix application is hosted by your own organization or at your own service provider, then they are responsible for this. In all cases, our Mendix Management Service takes care of communications, so that you have a single point of contact, relieving you of the stress

The 6 benefits of Mendix Support Services


  • Managed by the specialist with years of experience in developing and managing Mendix applications

  • Always a professional Service Level Agreement (SLA), Process and Knowledge Assurance

  • Good accessibility and high involvement of our service desk

  • Customized service of incident management (during office hours but also 24x7) to periodic preventive maintenance

  • Periodic reporting on SLAs and regular status consultation

  • Fast and flexible realization of new wishes within the agreed budget

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