Mendix Modules

Innovative expansions of Mendix Functionalities developed by Appronto
Appronto offers various modules that simplifies work activities for developers as for users; the Appronto EZ-modules. There are four versions which you can try for free in your test and acceptation environment.

Reporting 4 Mendix Module

  • Make reports on-the-fly for Mendix
  • Maximal performance by direct database queries
  • Support advanced OQL/SQL
  • Also ideal for cleaning (historic) data and statistics collection

Word Merge 4 Mendix Module

  • Thé solution for document generation in Mendix
  • Gives users the best tool there is for documentation: Microsoft Word
  • Complete support of all features of Word including charts
  • Export to Word, PDF, HTML and 20 other formats

If This Then That Module (IFTTT)

  • The solution for to manage if-this-then-that logic i.r.t. email, making tasks and more
  • Send emails, text and push notifications based on a IF-THIS rule
  • Add IFTTT rules on the fly without down time of the application
  • Use dynamic data with help of the Reporting 4 Mendix Modul

Spotlight Search 4 Mendix Module

  • Search multiple fields fast and simple from 1 input-box
  • Search results have a direct deeplink to the result
  • Inspired by the Apple Spotlight search
  • Can be implemented within 60 minutes!