Mendix Modules

Innovative expansions of Mendix Functionalities developed by Appronto


Appronto offers various modules that simplifies work activities for developers as for users; the Appronto modules.

Reporting 4 Mendix

  • Make reports on-the-fly for Mendix
  • Maximal performance by direct database queries
  • Support advanced OQL/SQL
  • Also ideal for cleaning (historic) data and statistics collection

Document Generation 4 Mendix

  • Thé solution for document generation in Mendix
  • Gives users the best tool there is for documentation: Microsoft Word
  • Complete support of all features of Word including charts
  • Export to Word, PDF, HTML and 20 other formats

Workflow 4 Mendix



The complete workflow solution with full functionality:


  • Workflow Designer
  • Tasks
  • Cases
  • Easy Navigation
  • Business Activity Monitoring
  • Authorization
  • Notifications and Output

Virus Scan 4 Mendix



With a simple action you can now identify malware, phishing, spam and other malicious content. With the Virus Scan 4 Mendix you can scan all incoming documents within seconds.

Data protection:

  • Traffic is over are TLS(SSL) only
  • Persistent data is always encrypted
  • All transient storage encrypted and eventually scrubbed
  • Your files are never permanently stored . Your data is only on the servers for the extent of time necessary to process and fingerprint it (usually milliseconds), after that we store metadata about its content to help us improve the overall engine accuracy
  • All stored metadata is infered and will never include any user provided information such as file name or type